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About CarBur Computer Solutions

We are a small, locally owned business located in Central Illinois. Our business is done out of our home, so there are no built in costs to pay for rent on a building. We purchase most of our supplies and parts locally, which provides our customers with fast and affordable service.

We have been in your situation, trying to get computer support over the phone, waiting on hold for 10,15,20 minutes or more. Getting frustrated when trying to return an item when you don't have a receipt. It seems like without a receipt, you aren't really a customer and that's just not right.

When we provide a service to our customers, we know you are a customer, with or without a receipt because we have documentation, we take care of keeping that receipt for you! You don't have to worry about it. We treat our customers with respect and understand that situations arise  and we do everything possible to work with our customers to help resolve the situation at hand.

We don't have an (800) number in a different state for our customer service department, we are right here in Illinois. If we can't fix it over the phone, we won't say "you will have to take it in somewhere", we will set an appointment that fits into your schedule.

We also realize that important situations arise and sometimes our customers just don't have time to get their computer worked on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8am to 5 pm. We do everything possible to work with your schedule. We even offer a pick-up and drop off service to our customers.

Give us a will be happy you did!