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Welcome to our site, on this page you will find the answers to your questions about service and some information about CarBur Computer Solutions.

The phrase "customer Service" is what we are all about, from your first contact with us you will see that we truly believe in your satisfaction. Dealing with computer troubles on your own can be very frustrating and time consuming.


1) Long waits on "hold" to customer support.

2) (800) numbers, trying to understand what that person on the other end of the phone line is trying to tell you.

3) Long lines at the large retail stores, where you have to have an original receipt for any return. Some of these retailers only offer a 30 day return on electronic products which include computers.

When you deal locally, with a small company, you get more personalized service. You know us and we know you. Your not a stranger. We deal in computers, not "electronics", so there are no long lines. You will not be on hold for minutes at a time due to "large calling volume". If we can't answer you while your on the line, we will find the answer and call you back.

Please use the menu to the left to find out more on our services that we offer.