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End of the Camaro?



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Updated: 11/26/2001 02:09:44 PM Spec pages are up

Take our poll on the main page to voice your opinion on the demise of the Camaro by GM!

Thinking of a new Camaro? Take a virtual test drive!

Click here to get the spec's on the new 2002 35th anniversary model, while you still can!

Welcome new members and hopefully soon to be members to the Central Illinois Camaro Club Newsroom.

First off I would like to remind you viewers that for the first 7 people to become members of CICC, your membership will be free. We are running this promotion to get the club off and running.

Once we acquire the first seven members, those members will get together for the club's first meeting and decide on a membership price.

Once we get rolling and acquire more members, we will then start to schedule monthly meetings and events, hopefully this club can grow large enough to have it's own little car show once a year.

If you would like to submit a photo of your camaro, new or classic, just click the "photos" button on the main menu for instructions.

I will also be looking at the first members to ask for help on certain areas of this site, as far as technical, general questions and gathering useful information.

So, once you become a member and you have thoughts to share, please do so. Every little bit helps.

Hopefully we can acquire at least five new members by the second week in December, so we can start the monthly meetings before the holidays come around. After the first of the year, we can shift into second gear and start planning some events. So join now, the first seven memberships are free!!

Check out the "events calendar" for more.

We will have the classified ads up after the holidays.




Specifications are now up for 1st generation and third generation, I still need second generation spec's, so if you have any spec's on these cars, please let me know.


Classifieds will be up the end of the month. 

For members only, anyone can view the classifieds but only members can post an ad.