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Thank you for your membership inquiry, we at CICC are trying very hard to make this the best Camaro Club in central Illinois and every membership makes a difference! If you are one of the first seven people to apply for membership with us, your membership is free* Although we only allow Camaro owners membership privileges, there is no limitations on style or year of vehicle, as long as it is a Chevrolet camaro.

Dear Username ,

Thank you for sending us your membership inquiry. If you have asked us to contact you, we will be using the following information:

E-mail: UserEmail
Telephone: UserTel

If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the website and email us with any changes. We thank you for taking the time to help us improve our club.


Mark D. Carpani

Club Founder

* Free membership is limited to the first seven site viewers who fill out a membership inquiry form.
You may return to the feedback form by using the Back button in your browser.
Revised: November 16, 2001 .