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Welcome to Central Illinois First Camaro Club

Welcome to Central Illinois First Camaro Club.

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I have noticed that the only Camaro Club's around are in St. Louis and Chicago...well, not all of us can find the time to drive that far to be in a car club.

So, with your help we can start our own car club for Camaro owners only, this will be our meeting place, our start page...the place to go to find out what is going on.



The main ingredient to this club? you, the member's, because we all know being in a club with only one member just isn't very fun. I need feedback from all of you interested, once we find enough members, we can progress into meetings, fun filled events and just flat out car talk.

Please notice the menu to your left, it will soon be filled with information, club events and much more.

Submit your membership form now! If you are one of the first seven members to's free!

Want to send us a photo of your pride and joy, just click on the "photo" button to the left and scroll to the bottom for further details.

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